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Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 03:34:33 CDT

Hi there,

"John H. Raines, Jr." wrote:
> snip
> 4. My original point about user orientation still holds. My example was:
> "Be pure user oriented designers for just a moment. The user has one document open in Abiword. They click on the file menu. If the user is done with this document, then they can only desire to do one of two things: 1) close Abiword & do something else entirely or 2) close the current document to then open another document and do some more word processing. The programming design that allows the user to do what they want with the least effort is the superior design."

This para from John Raines exactly makes my point which I tried to
explain in an earlier email. When I was explaining the difference
between Close and Exit to my class of mainly beginners I told them that
when they had finished with their current (and only) document then
there were the two choices given above and that was the reason for the
two commands. It does not make sense to me for both Close and Exit to
have the same result in this situation.

And, as I mentioned also, Wordperfect works one way by always having a
blank document on screen if you have not yet started or if you have just
closed all documents. In the same situation Word has no document at all
and a shortened menu available which allows you only to create a new one
or open a previously saved one. So there are examples of both ways of
doing this.

This seems to be going on and on....sorry

Neil Winchurst

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