Re: Special characters in Abiword...other topics actually.

Subject: Re: Special characters in Abiword...other topics actually.
From: James Silverton (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 10:34:52 CDT

Alexander Skwar wrote:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Deletions of previous posts<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 Although I don't quite understand what you mean, I think Alt Gr+c -> ,
> Gr+C -> , Alt Gr+R -> ... are also easy to memorize. Only the yen symbol
> is a little bit of, because on my german keyboard the z is located where the
> y is on american keyboards.
> PS: PLEASE set a reply-to header to the mailing list. It's such a nuissance
> to always change the recipient if you simply forgot to hit the right key.
> And even if you hit the right key, without editing my MUA will send out two
> mails, where one is most of the time enough.
> Thanks.

Hi Alexander!

I guess differences in mailers can cause a lot of trouble but Netscape
Composer, which is what I use, gives the choice of "reply" and "reply
all" on tool-bar buttons. While the program does allow a "Reply-to: "
header, mails usually arrive for me with "From:", "To: " and "CC: "

I also prefer to reply only to the mailing list since it is possible
that others may be interested.
(Unless, of course, it is a really personal argument!) A case in point,
is the fact that my recent automatic closing question was asked again
today by Marshall Lake.

Best wishes,


James V. Silverton
Potomac, Maryland

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