spelling check dialog

Justin Bradford (justin@ukans.edu)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 18:13:41 -0500 (CDT)

Ok, I have just successfully compiled an AbiWord binary containing the
spell check dialog. I only wrote the unix front end, but all of the guts
are down in the xp layer, so other platforms just need widget creation
code and signal handlers to call down into the xp layer.

I'm doing some testing now, but it's just about ready to commit
(tomorrow). I'll #ifdef out the dialog calls and have it call "not
implemented", so that I don't break the CVS tree for non-unix platforms.

First, where in the menu should it go?
I currently have it in Edit, just under Goto, for lack of a better
location. Should I add a Tools menu?

Also, I only have EnUS strings for the menu label and dialog strings, but
they use the i18n framework in Abi and are ready to be translated
(although, I never even saw a place to localize the dialog strings...)

And finally, I don't have any back end support for the user dictionaries,
and the ignore all is faked within the dialog (no persistence). To do
these things, I was thinking about a xp/xap Spell object, which would
incapsulate "ignore all" lists, user dictionaries, and abstract the calls
to the low-level checking routines. We can create one of these at startup,
and store it in the ap_FrameData class. Ok?

Once we have xap_Spell, I can make the dialog persistent, and it will be
considerably less work to then add the misspelled word context menu.

Oh, one last thing. Can anyone think of a nice algorithm to find sentence
boundaries? I'm just finding periods now.


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