abisuite.ask [was Re: commit -- Norwegian localization]

Jeff Hostetler (jeff@abisource.com)
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 11:44:34 -0500

Paul Rohr wrote:
> At 10:34 AM 9/16/99 -0500, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
> >Added Norwegian strings provided by:
> >Edouard Lafargue <Edouard.Lafargue@bigfoot.com>
> >Gro Elin Hansen <Gro.Hansen@student.uib.no>
> Cool. It's great to see another translation in the tree. What does this
> make now, eight?
> One reminder -- when adding a new strings file you'll also need to update
> the following file to avoid a recurrence of bug 471:
> abi/src/pkg/win/setup/abisuite.ask

oops. thanks, i've updated it now.

> Otherwise, it won't get installed by the Win32 installer. It might be nice
> if that manifest file could include a directory-level pattern match, but for
> now each file installed needs to be explicitly listed, AFAIK.

yes, that would be a cool task for someone -- synthesize the entire manifest
(or most of it) from directory-level pattern matching -- this problem is only
going to get worse as we add sample documents, help documents, etc. ***this
"problem/feature" is now bug #572. :-)


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