thoughts on Abisuite and XML

Alex Fite-Wassilak (
Tue, 14 Sep 1999 13:59:25 -0400

The problem with most application suites today are numerous but the ones
I really want to point out are as follows 1) they aren't open source and
2) they make data interchange both troublesome and frustrating. Seeing
as the web is advancing as it is, I really that the Abiword and the
whole AbiSuite is poised for a take-over, provided several things
happen. The most is important feature to implement is that the suite
reads and writes only well-formed XML as defined by the W3C, not only
will this allow the easy exchange of information between all media but
it will make the entire suite more web-centric, which seems to be the
general (and popular) trend. Adding to this, support for the other major
W3C standards should also be implemented as deemed necessary. RDF, CSS1,
CSS2, XSL, anything and everything that has to do with data
manipulation- these are all crucial. With a support for these standards
it would be hard for any web-concious user to ignore the suite. I know I

On a more mundane level, I think that the option to 'view source' is
very helpful is cleaning up bits where WYSIWYG can go wrong.

Hope this is helpful and informative and thank you for your time and

Alex Fite-Wassilak

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