AbiWord 0.7.5

Paul Rohr (paul@abisource.com)
Fri, 03 Sep 1999 17:10:20 -0700

... is out.

Receiving the "Show Favorite" award at last month's LinuxWorld Expo was a
real treat for us. Please pass along our thanks to everyone who voted!

Selected highlights since 0.7.4 include:

1. Word importer improvements. Caolan McNamara <Caolan.McNamara@ul.ie> has
continued cranking on improvements to the wv library which forms the guts of
our import logic. This release features improvements to the handling of
fastsaved files, plus a bunch of internal groundwork for supporting lists.
Now we need to add list support to AbiWord to take advantage of his great
work! :-)

Also, we're pretty sure that we've isolated the glitch (#471) that was
causing the Word import logic to only work in debug mode on NT4. If you're
still seeing any related problems, give us a holler.

2. RTF improvements. Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip@iname.com> added a fix for
bug #549 and #554 (RTF export and paste adds spaces after diachritics).

3. Subtle UI tweaks. Richard Jefts <babs@cs.jhu.edu> has been trolling
through the bug database finding spots to tweak the UI in a variety of ways,
such as:

- zoom now leaves you where you were (508, 531)
- the cursor now blinks

In addition, Shaw added logic to add a focus rectangle around selected
images. Is that blue or what? :-)

4. Localization. The following translations have been added or updated:

Spanish -- Javier Yez <javier@cibal.es>
Finnish -- Jarmo Karvonen <jarmo@dawn.joensuu.fi>
Danish -- Martin Willemoes Hansen <mwh@stampede.org>

We also fixed #471, which was omitting certain strings files from the Win32
installer. Now all seven translations should work as expected:

Danish (DaDK)
Dutch (DuNL)
Finnish (FiFI)
French (FrFR)
German (DeDE)
Italian (ItIT)
Spanish (EsES)

In addition, Martin has begun widening some of the Unix dialog layouts to
make sure that all his translations fit. Translators are encouraged to
check their translations to make sure that nothing's getting clipped. If
not, feel free to submit patches which relayout the widgets to make
everything fit better. If you're not sure where to do this for your
platform, let us know.

5. Locale-savvy. Jeff added code to wrap a bunch of atof() and
sprintf(...%f...) calls to be done in the English locale. This allows all of
our CSS properties (eg "0.5in") to be correctly parsed and generated. This
keeps our file format completely portable between users in different
locales. Also, it fixes #533, 492, 532, 530, and 505.

6. Unix-specific tweaks. Fixed print dialog for print-to-file on Unix with
a nice little type hack. New IRIX settings for building with GCC. In
addition, there were a number of patches for specific Unix flavors from a
variety of contributors, including:

Solaris -- Bryan Blackburn <blb@pobox.com>
FreeBSD -- Ming-I Hsieh <mihs@wm28.csie.ncu.edu.tw>
PPC Linux flags for working printing -- Jerry LeVan <levan@eagle.eku.edu>
and Gary Thomas <gdt@linuxppc.org>

As always, for more specific details, see Bonsai and Bugzilla, or just try
out the new version.



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