About the GNOME port state

CUENCA ABELA Joaquin (cuenca@ie2.u-psud.fr)
Sun, 24 Oct 1999 04:41:03 +0200

I've reworked a bit (ok, a lot!) my last attempt of a GNOME port, for
make all the gnome related classes, inherited classes of the Gtk ones.

Today I've got a new working abiword (just with a gnome dialog, but add
the others dialogs and the toolbars and menubars stuff must be quick)
with this scheme!!

I think that I can have a complete (almost) GNOME Abiword really soon (I
have to inherit a few more classes, and sync with the CVS abiword,
etc...). When I've something cool I'll send a URL with a patch (and a
few screenshots, of course ;).

Note: When I'll finish this work, I believe that I could take a look of
the goto dialog and make the POW.

Joaquín Cuenca Abela
e-mail: cuenca@ie2.u-psud.fr

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