Statically linked libraries

Colin Mattoon (
Sat, 23 Oct 1999 11:00:28 -0700

After the problems I have experienced (am experiencing!) getting a good
small business accounting package to work on Linux, your inclusion of
statically linked libraries is revealed to me as a key component.
Whatever you do in the future, please continue to provide static
libraries with the tar.gz version.

Also, is it even within the realm of possibility that abiword will
someday run in ncurses? I have run into some situations where a real
wordprocessor, as opposed to a text editor, that runs without X , would
be very handy. The first wordprocessors I used ran on DOS. Something
like abiword for ncurses would be fabulous.

As a computer illiterate, I cannot begin to imagine the difficulties of
such a project, but I'm constantly amazed at the rate of improvement you
maintain with the X compatible version, so I wouldn't fall over in
shock to find that an ncurses version would be a walk in the park for
developers that crank out code as fast as yours do.


Colin Mattoon

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