Re: Spell Checking - making the red squigglies go away

Aaron Lehmann (
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 06:24:56 +0000 (GMT)

On a related note, I was using AbiWord to write a real paper for the first
time today. I have always hated red squiggles, but I was actually
impressed with the productivity that they added for me. However, I hate
seeing red squiggles under names or words not in the dictionary. So I
decided that the ideal implementation for me would display squiggles and
let me middle-click on a word to flag it as "ignore". It sounds like
making the squiggles ignore ignored words will be done soon. I'd be
willing to implement a middle-click or modifier_key-click on a word (for
Win32 and BeOS?) to ignore it if someone who understands the mouse
handling of the text area could tell me where to start and if/when AbiWord
has a mechanism for making the squiggle code ignore words it doesn't know
on the command from the user.

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, Justin Bradford wrote:

> > You may want to confer with Justin before making your choice. Specifically,
> > I'm not sure how he wants to turn off a single squiggle when you press the
> > Ignore button in the dialog.
> I haven't dug through the squiggle code quite enough to know it's current
> implementation, but I think a flag on the specific squiggle might work in
> combination with a dirty-word squiggle updater. So, you ignore a specific
> word, and it's corresponding squiggle's flag, bIgnore, gets set. When the
> squiggle's are drawn, obviously this one is not. Likewise, when evaluating
> the current context, this word is considered squiggleless. Then, when this
> region is dirtied due to editing, it reevaluates whether the squiggle, and
> clears this flag (if it's still misspelled, obviously). This would have
> the effect of adding a space to an ignored word, then removing said space,
> and the "new" word, while the same as the original, would now be
> considered misspelled, and thus squiggled-- which is exactly how Word
> works.
> Additionally, if I modified the dialog-based spell checking algorithm to
> iterate through squiggles, rather than the whole document again, it gives
> two additional benefits: 1) we don't have to look-up words again, they're
> already marked, 2) if a squiggled word has bIgnore set, I'll just skip
> over it, so that ignored words don't show up every time you spell check
> (which is how Word workds).
> This implies always squiggling text in the background (but just not
> always showing the squiggles).
> > Hmm. You mean they slow down editing to do the check, and then don't show
> > the results except via that icon? (Sounds like strategy #2 above.)
> Yeah, with squiggles always around we could do things like status bar
> icons/messages.
> > PS: This reminds me that we need to finish that old rewrite of the
> > autospell code so that it just checks dirty words in response to editing,
> > instead of doing the full destructive block-level recheck for each atomic
> > edit.
> This is sort of key to everything I've suggested above. Also, while the
> squiggle code is being updated, it might be worthwhile trying to figure
> out how to not squiggle new words before they're finished being typed.
> Justin

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