Re: Getting started with working on AbiWord

Paul Rohr (
Thu, 21 Oct 1999 12:08:01 -0700

At 11:57 PM 10/20/99 -0600, Logan Hall wrote:
>The only problem i have discovered in that regard is that the dictionary
>file is not installed automaticaly (you have to cp it to the right dir
>and then unzip it). I will look into why this is when i have some free
>time..posibly tomarrow.
>Thanks for any help. I hope I can be of service in some way.

This one sounds like it's worth tracking down. Do a little digging through
the makefiles to compare what happens for the following three makefile

make canonical (unpacks the dictionary)
make distribution (uses make canonical)
make install (??)

If you can read makefiles and use grep, this shouldn't be too hard to nail.


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