Re: Prefs/PrefScheme problem

Jeff Hostetler (
Tue, 19 Oct 1999 17:10:58 -0500

Stephen Hack wrote:
> To implement the PrefListener code, I need to catch all the setValues. The
> problem is that the code is in the PrefsScheme, and there is no tie back to
> the Prefs. Since the Prefs keep trace of all the callback stuff, I need
> access to it.
> There are two ways that I've come up with.
> 1) Make the PrefScheme::setValue protected and give access to it to Prefs
> <ugly!>
> or 2) Have each PrefScheme keep around a pointer to it's Pref.
> If there is anyway that I could get a hold of an App instead, that would do
> just fine.

add the App or the Prefs to the PrefScheme's constructor.
either should be ok.


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