The GNOME port...

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 17:52:16 +0200

As you know (if you've read my last emails), I've been working in a
GNOME port of Abiword. This work has been made with #ifdef's in the
unix/ branch (mainly like a test).

Now, I want to remake the "port", and following the advices of Shaw
Terwilliger and Justin Bradford, I want to make a new branch. The
actual tree is like this:

.../wp/ap/unix/[files with the gtk+ code]

And I want to known what's exactly your suggested tree... like this? :

.../wp/ap/unix/[files with the gtk+ code]
.../wp/ap/unix/gnome/[files with the gnome code]

like this:

.../wp/ap/unix/gtk/[files with the gtk+ code]
.../wp/ap/unix/gnome/[files with the gnome code]

or like this:


I think that I've covered all the possibles cases :)

An another question, the gnome code must be inherited of the gtk+ one?
or the gnome branch has to be treated like a yet another port?

I think that if you give me some ideas about the abisource plans for the
GNOME port, I can make this port a reality really soon (at least


Joaquín Cuenca Abela

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