Re: design q -- simplifying the spell dialog UI

Paul Rohr (
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 08:38:20 -0700

At 10:07 AM 10/14/99 -0500, Robert Sievers wrote:
>I would assert that we have bigger fish to fry. This editable text box is
>cute, but it doesn't really add any functionality. I actually like the
>dialog better the way it is. If someone really WANTS do this, that's
>great, but I think our time and focus is better spent in other areas.

Oh, I wouldn't have even mentioned it except I really, really want to do it.

I spent far too much time yesterday staring at the current ugly dialog
trying to get all the subtle behaviors right. I just wish I'd figured out
this alternative earlier, so I could have coded it that way in the first
place. I suppose you're right that the current dialog works adequately, but
for me it doesn't Just Work.

Plus which, if the controls exist, then I'm confident that implementing it
this way is *easier* than what we've currently got.


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