Re: Compile Error

Justin Bradford (
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 20:25:40 -0500 (CDT)

> This could be a problem for package maintainers. :) One solution
> would be for the AbiWord developers to use a "blessed" version
> of libwv, one that will always have been released. This makes it
> much less convenient to us that do "cvs co abi wv expat ..." to
> build a development sandbox.

First, I don't belive Caolan has released a none development version of
wv, yet. He puts up releases every now and then, but there are under a
development directory. I imagine this will continue until he brings wv up
to the full functionality of mswordview (it's pretty close; maybe only
pictures left).

However, I doubt this problem will come up again once wv's API is done.
Caolan will probably be releasing new versions of wv before I can
implement the new functionality.

As for CVS, I don't think we should limit it. I think we should assume CVS
AbiWord is being built with CVS wv. If it is decided to make a release of
AbiWord before a new wv is released, then I'll back-out the changes and
move the code over to the next development codebase.


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