commit -- more translation details

Paul Rohr (
Thu, 07 Oct 1999 23:46:42 -0700

Please keep English values out of other .strings files. They tend to get
out of date too quickly, and Jeff's notification mechanisms stop working.
Instead, translators should always:

1. Look for console messages about untranslated strings.
2. Use -dumpstrings to get the latest English values

M user/wp/strings/DaDK.strings
M user/wp/strings/DeDE.strings
M user/wp/strings/DuNL.strings
M user/wp/strings/EsES.strings
M user/wp/strings/FiFI.strings
M user/wp/strings/ItIT.strings
M user/wp/strings/NoNO.strings

FrFR translation for Spell dialog, courtesy of Philippe Duperron

M src/wp/ap/win/ap_Win32Res_DlgSpell.rc2
M src/wp/ap/xp/ap_Menu_LabelSet_FrFR.h
M user/wp/strings/FrFR.strings

At 10:15 PM 10/6/99 +0200, Philippe Duperron wrote:
>Here are the new FrFR.strings and ap_Menu_LabelSet_FrFR.h with the
>translations of the "spelling check" dialog box.

Thanks, Phillipe. That's fast work! Unfortunately, this portion of the
translation is missing the &amp; accelerators, but that's our fault. We
left around an old copy of the relevant strings for you to translate, but
going forward that shouldn't be a problem.

>BTW when I compile the CVS source, I can not use them (even with
>StringSet="FrFR" in my AbiWord.Profile file). Did anything change
>recently ? It was OK with my last built (around mid-August).

Jeff did some work to clean up the partial pathnames used for locating stuff
like this. Chances are that if you blow away your profile and make a new
one it should Just Work again.


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