Re: Segfault on selecting mispelled text

Robert Sievers (
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 10:10:17 -0500

At 12:36 AM 10/1/99 -0500, Rhys Dyfrgi wrote:
>I was editing an unfortunately unsaved file just now, when abiword
>At the moment, I was selected some text, which included a mispelled word
(I was
>in the middle of the word when it crashed). The file was under half a page
>long and the text was at the very end of it.

There is a chance this could be another manifestation of #576

Please check that out and let me know. Additionally, if you have a core
file, contact me and I will walk you through using gdb to get us a


Robert Sievers
Open Source Evangelist

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