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It seems that the ones who do not want grammar checkers are those who have a University education, teachers, and who have the necessary grammar books or who already know the rules and regulations of grammar. Unfortunately, there are those like me who had to go through the business program in high school whereby the only grammar they learned was how to write business letters and which were only aimed at the marketplace - no large essays, compositions, etc.
I can also mention the ones who went through vocational school who now want to improve their education and literary skills and do not have the finances available to buy books (in fact, often people who are working class do not value books as much as those who are academics.) Saying forget about grammar checker is wrong because not everyone can afford Microsoft Word and transfer Abiworld documents to correct. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! So in a long winded way, I am saying do not forget the little people and have a grammar checker, but get someone who knows the rules of grammar to make it, not a business person.

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