Re: [patch] compressed abw files

Subject: Re: [patch] compressed abw files
From: Alan Young (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 23:47:55 CST

Rather than add a new file type, how about addiing a parameter to a existing
XML tag maybe <section compression="x-gzip-compressed"> ? Or create a new
tag that says the same thing that the data is compressed and needs to be
decompressed before parsing?

Just my 2c,
Alan wrote:
> Richard Jefts wrote:
> > I've added a new file type, *.zabw, gzipped compressed abiword files.
> > The attached file contains a patch and 4 files to go in src/wp/impexp/xp.
> >
> > ie_imp_GZipAbiWord.h
> > ie_imp_GZipAbiWord.cpp
> > ie_exp_GZipAbiWord.h
> > ie_exp_GZipAbiWord.cpp
> This sounds like a very cool patch, but I wonder about the need to create
> a new extension. It seems more logical (to me) to name the files like
> ".abw.gz", similarly to how Gimp names its native files (".xcf" if normal,
> ".xcf.gz" if compressed). I haven't visited the file open/close dialogs
> and related guts recently, but I think our suffix handling would break on
> my example case (usually we just start on the end of the string and walk
> back until we see a '.').
> --
> Shaw Terwilliger

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