some graphic support, extra subdir, extra files, loads of Makefile

Caolan McNamara (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:01:30 -0000 (GMT)

here we go again...

libwv now has some extra files, escher graphics file format related.
It also has a new magick subdir which is subset of ImageMagick
which my configure script will search for, and imagemagick is what wv
wants. It is also a library I would reccomend for abi as it
also works under windows and does a load of formats with a nice
clean api. I believe that gnome is using it itself as a replacement
for the internals of the existing imlib thing, which usually falls
back to the netpbm tools for most of its conversions.

If wv cannot find imagemagick it will function fine with the tiny
subset in the magick subdir. The subset can only convert bmp to
jpg which is necessary for the html conversion, though maybe
unnecessary for anyone else. The abi makefile can just set wv
to include the local magick and all will work fine again. The
basic api can been seen in action in wvHtml in the special character
handler. The code needs to be cleaned up a bit more yet, and there
are many formats unsupported by wv at the moment. What is supported
word8 0x01 jpg and png
word6 and 7 bmp's.

Things get slightly messy here. My own internal magick clone will
need libjpeg to function correctly. libjpeg is prety much a standard
nowadays, but it may cause grief. So unfortuntately the dependancy
tree is beginning to grow.

anything else (and some word document have what Im calling 0x08 jpgs
and png which are not supported) is currently not supported.

Also it would be nice to convert wmfs (which are vector) into a useful
exiting vector format,I was thinking of using the plotutils to convert
them into other formats, I believe that plotutils has support for outputting
a variety of vector formats including the new w3c sponsered vector format, but
I am undecided as yet how to handle wmf from inside wv. Has abi any plans
for supporting a particular vector format ?


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