Danny Faught (faught@rstcorp.com)
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:30:24 -0600

Luc Dambert wrote:
> ... And congratulations on the icons, which look great.

A few nits about icons...

On Linux, running the mwm window manager, when I minimize AbiWord and
get the stylized "A" icon, the transparent parts of the icon aren't
clickable. It's a very sparse icon, pixel-wise, so it takes some
careful aim to hit it in order to maximize the program. Whether this is
a gripe about mwm or AbiWord, I'm not sure. NT makes the internal part
of the icon active.

On Windows NT, I'm using the "Swimming Pool" backdrop. It's a very
similar color to that "A" icon. I often lose the icon on the screen. I
notice that the Internet Explorer icon is about the same color, but it
has a border outline that's a contrasting color, and that makes it more
visible on a wide variety of backdrops.


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