commit -- reference images of dialogs

Paul Rohr (
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 16:20:44 -0800

Added reference images of all completed Win32 dialogs.

A abi/shots/README.TXT
A abi/shots/wp/win/break.png
A abi/shots/wp/win/find.png
A abi/shots/wp/win/paragraph1.png
A abi/shots/wp/win/paragraph2.png
A abi/shots/wp/win/replace.png
A abi/shots/wp/win/spell.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/about.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/fileopen.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/filesaveas.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/font.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/windowmore.png
A abi/shots/xap/win/zoom.png


1. You'll need to do "cvs update -d" for these new directories to get

2. These should be stored in CVS as binary files ("cvs add -kb *.png"), so
you shouldn't have any CRLF conversion problems. If you do, please let me

3. I've also created the unix and beos subdirectories, so that Shaw and
Daniel can populate their copies, too.

4. The following dialogs are all stock OS dialogs, but are included here
for the sake of completeness:


5. A quick comparison with the currently-defined DIALOG_IDs will show that
I skipped the following dialogs on Win32:

xap/win/print.png (I don't have a printer installed)
wp/win/goto.png (doesn't exist yet)
wp/win/options*.png (not finished)

6. Finally, I'm pleased to note that the PNG compression on these dialogs
is very effective. With the exception of the ultra-colorful About dialog,
none of the other shots is bigger than 7KB, and almost half are only 2 KB.
(Shaw, you might want to choose a "boring" GTK theme to keep yours small as

bottom line
Having these screen shots in CVS is very useful, but only if we collectively
make sure to keep them up to date on each platform. This means that, once a
dialog is considered to be "done", the corresponding PNG should get checked
into the appropriate shots directory.

to be accompanied by a matching checkin here.



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