Re: reference images of dialogs

Paul Rohr (
Fri, 12 Nov 1999 17:17:33 -0800

At 03:52 PM 11/8/99 EST, Daniel Berlin wrote:
>Can we please put some reference images of dialogs on the various
platforms (IE
> at least one platform per dialog) in CVS, so those trying to implement them
> know what they are supposed to look like?
>I find i have to hunt through mailing list archives to find the person who
> thought up what it should look like, and see if they have an image around.

Sounds eminently reasonable, since dialogs aren't that big, so we won't be
bloating the source tree.

A few questions to resolve first, though:

1. Is everyone willing to maintain these shots for their platforms? This
would mean that, once a dialog is fully implemented, any subsequent checkin
changing the look of a dialog should also be accompanied by a checkin for
the associated screen shot.

2. Is PNG an acceptable format? After all, AbiWord makes a perfectly
adequate PNG viewer. :-) Unfortunately, until we add some more inbound
image conversion libraries, developers may need to have some other tool on
hand to create them, though.

3. Finally, for the most contentious question -- where should these go in
the tree? :-) Here's a suggestion:


I'd also be happy with "dlg" instead of "shots" or perhaps fan them out
under abi/docs instead. Or, if folks really don't want them in the main
source drop, we could set up a separate CVS module, but that seems like

What does everyone else think?


PS: In the mean time, Daniel, are there any shots you still need and
haven't managed to dig up from the mailing lists? I'd hate to have you
gated by something so trivial.

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