Re: commit -- status bar mechanism added to the framework.

Jeff Hostetler (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 13:42:07 -0600

the win32 version of the StatusBar now
receives messages from the MenuBar.

the win32 SizeGrip has been moved to be
on top of the StatusBar.


At 10:02 AM 3/29/99 -0600, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
>i've updated the tree so that it builds on win32.
>there are still a few kinks in it, but it runs.
>At 01:14 AM 3/29/99 -0600, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
>>i added a StatusBar class to the application
>>framework. it currently works on unix. i've
>>stubbed in stuff for win32, but haven't compiled
>>it there. i'll do that in the morning.
>>this is a first pass at the feature, basic fields
>>get drawn and updated as things happen, but not
>>all of the fields are live and the bar doesn't have
>>the complete set of fields that we'll eventually

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