Re: AbiWord 0.5.2

Jeff Hostetler (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 15:44:36 -0600

At 10:38 AM 3/22/99 -0800, Darren Benham wrote:
>On Mon, Mar 22, 1999 at 11:31:38AM -0600, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
>> i'm not sure what to do....
>> on NT, there's a \WINNT\Profiles\jeff\Application Data\
>> directory. but i've yet to find system call to give me
>> that pathname -- surely i don't have to guess/construct
>> this one myself....
>> on 95/98 there's the windows-system and the windows
>> directory.
>> on a network-install, some of those directories are
>> on the server and some are local.
>> if AbiWord is installed on the network server, you
>> won't have write access to the directory.
>> there should be one file per user -- not that any of these
>> OS'es are multi-user systems, but sometimes they try to be....
>> there's the registry -- just say no!
>> any thoughts or suggestions anyone ??
>Sure... my back ground is 3.1/95/98 branch... I'd stick with abiword.ini
>stored in a local directory C:\abiword. If it's a network, force a
>"network setup" similar to what amipro does.. (basicly, create's a local
>copy of the .ini file and a pointer to it in win.ini).
>If you did that for windows, would it work for NT? The fact of the matter
>is, windows is NOT multi-user. No reason to try to force something
>However, if you really really want to emmulate that... then have sections
>[user1] [user2] for things that might change between users and a way to
>select a config option on the commandline or after startup. In fact,
>taking this route, I'd have the standard "default" set up and any "user"
>that want's to override a setting can put just that setting into the [user]
>This might even be doable under the current system if the Linux version is
>any indication... isn't there a plan to allow different configureations
>that can be chosen between? (right now my .abiwordrc file as a
>"__my_set__" and a "__builtin__" set)

the schemes are to allow a user to change between known sets
(perhaps its overkill, but like you can change screen color
schemes...) (they also contain the MRU file list).
the files are not meant to be shared by different users.

things are much easier on unix, i can rely on ~/.abiword
-- and that's a per-user file.

dan pointed out that there is a "USERPROFILE" env var on NT
and the MSFT docs describe a "HOMEPATH" variable (there's
also a "HOMEDRIVE" variable) which seem to get magically set
if the SysAdmin has it configured so. but these vars only
seem to be set on NT...

i'm working on code now that will:
[1] try USERPROFILE if set
[2] then try HOMEDRIVE\HOMEPATH if both set
[3] then try GetWindowsDirecotry()
[4] then try C:\ if all else fails.

i hope that will pretty much cover it....

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