File descriptors leak

Drazen Kacar (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:30:25 +0100

I've built AbiWord on Solaris 7, but there were a few problems.
First, src/require/unix/Makefile uses -e to check if various libraries
exist. That flag is bashism and will not work on Unix boxes which
have real sh. Use -r instead.

`make check' in cole 0.1.0 happily crashes. I've reported this to the

When I started the executable, I got an error from GDK saying that the
file descriptor limit was exceeded. So I raised it to 128 (from the
default 64) and AbiWord worked. I checked with lsof and it really
has one file descriptor for every font file in the fonts directory.
Can something be done about this?

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