Re: AbiSource binaries for FreeBSD

Ming-I Hsieh (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 13:46:02 +0800

Paul Rohr wrote:

> Essentially, three things:
> 1. A designated maintainer who'd be willing to commit to resolving
> FreeBSD-specific issues, if any. The core team is pretty swamped right now,
> so this needs to be someone new.
> 2. Information on the de facto standards for user-friendly packages,
> installs, and uninstalls on FreeBSD systems -- preferably in the form of
> patches. (Effectively enough to make sure that the FreeBSD version is as
> easily installed as the other platforms. This is likely to eventually
> include porting our graphical setup program to GTK, although that's unlikely
> to have any FreeBSD-specific ramifications.)
> 3. A preconfigured machine to add to our build farm. :-)
> AFAIK, the existing sources and makefiles build and run without any trouble,
> so the main obstacle is #3.
> Paul

Now I am trying to help AbiSource to develop their AbiWord running under
Here are a package for FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE or later.

Sorry for no port, there are some non-vanilla code in the package! (like
UT_Getopt! :)
And I think I can provide a package for FreeBSD when AbiSource release their
new AbiWord. But I can't provide a port for FreeBSD, beause AbiWord is still
Like FreeBSD-CURRENT, there are only some snapshot, no release! :)

Ming-I Hsieh

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