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Todd. A. Warner (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 09:49:03 -0400

Hey everyone,

I have followed AbiWord's progress for some time now. You guys are
really creating something wonderful. Simple, fast, elegant. Very nice. I
won't give up my LyX for extensive stuff, but AbiWord is wonderful for
everyday word processing now! Love it.

I am a decent (actually pretty darn good) C++ programmer and took this
summer off of school. I am looking to jump on an open-source project in
the interim. AbiWord is really appealing to me. I may like to help if I
can ever wade througha all of that code and get a good understanding. I
am fishing for advice here. This is something new for me. I use egcs (of
course). I don't do Windows, but I know how to stick to ANSI standard
code. Unfortunately, I am a C++ person more than a C person. I haven't
done pure C in a long time. I have used CVS before.

Anyway, I may just begin by looking for optimization and debugging
opertunities. What do you guys recommend for people jumping in when the
code becomes... large. I have never worked on a large group project
before (I have written somewhat large projects before on my own ---
nothing this big though).

Well, I have occupied enough of your time. Lemme know what you guys
think. Maybe I will see you in the code.


Todd Warner <> Writing from work! ACK!

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