Re: Win32 build setup.exe problem

Alan Young (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 22:55:40 -0700

Jeff Hostetler wrote:
> i just updated the offending makefile -- you found a place
> that i missed in the 0.7.0 --> 0.7.1 changes. i needed to
> put absolute paths in (long story) and there are problems
> getting cygwin's notion of pathnames to work with regular
> win32 apps....
> try updating abi/src/pkg/win/setup/Makefile and see if that
> works.

Hi Jeff,

Well, it works for the output file, but now ask_gendata complains it
can not open the input file.

I've messed around with sed for a couple of hours, but I don't have a good
fix. With the attached changes, I can get data.c created.
However, data.c won't compile because the paths in the strings have one \
instead of two. If change the sed edits to leave two \s in, then
ask_gendata won't run as it issues a error message saying it can't get the
length of askrm.exe. Catch-22.

If the above were to be resolved, there is still a larger problem after that.
The command line that is passed to link everything has the full path names
too. I'm not even sure how to address that...


$(OBJDIR)/data.c: abisuite.ask $(BINDIR)/ask_gendata.exe $(BINDIR)/askrm.exe
rm -f $(OBJDIR)/_tmp_.ask
sed -e 's|__CANONDIR__|$(CANONDIR)|g' abisuite.ask | \
sed 's|//[a-zA-Z]/|/|g' | sed 's|/|\\\\|g' > $(OBJDIR)/_tmp1_.ask
sed -e 's|__BINDIR__|$(BINDIR)|g' $(OBJDIR)/_tmp1_.ask | \
sed 's|//[a-zA-Z]/|/|g' | sed 's|/|\\\\|g' > $(OBJDIR)/_tmp2_.ask
sed -e 's|__GRAPHICNAME__|$(GRAPHICNAME)|g' $(OBJDIR)/_tmp2_.ask | \
sed 's|//[a-zA-Z]/|/|g' | sed 's|/|\\\\|g' > $(OBJDIR)/_tmp3_.ask
sed -e 's|<\\\\|</|g' $(OBJDIR)/_tmp3_.ask | sed -e 's|\\\\>|/>|g' >
$(BINDIR)/ask_gendata.exe \
$(shell echo $(OBJDIR)/_tmp4_.ask | sed 's|//[a-zA-Z]/|/|g' | sed
's|/|\\\\|g') \
$(shell echo $(OBJDIR)/_tmp_.c | sed 's|//[a-zA-Z]/|/|g' | sed 's|/|\\\\|g')
(cd $(OBJDIR); mv _tmp_.c data.c)

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