Compiling with Slackware 4.0
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 20:39:41 EDT

I've been using AbiWord just fine since the 0.3.x series on Red Hat 5.1. I
just switched over to Slackware 4.0, and tried to rebuild with tarballs of
0.7.1. I know the source is good, as I built it on Red Hat first. The
problems I have are thus:

1. It refuses to compile a static binary, complaining it can't find -ldl.

2. The dynamic binary, if the fonts and all are set up right, creates a
window then segfaults before anything can be put into it.

I got the expat, abidistfiles, and abi-0.7.1 tar.gz and the unixfonts as a
.zip, if that's of any concern.
Has anyone gotten 0.7.1 to run on Slack 4.0? Is there a package I forgot to
install perhaps?

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