Re: Mac port of AbiWord

Paul Rohr (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:09:40 -0700


Thanks for stepping up and letting us all know that you've bitten off more
than you can chew. Having been in your shoes before, I know it's not always
easy to let people know that you've overcommitted, but it's the Right Thing
to do, and we really appreciate it.

A big part of successful Open Source projects is how good we all are at
communicating, and I hope the rest of us measure up well against the
standard you've set.

It's much better to know what's happening than to keep hoping and waiting
for something that never does.

At 02:16 PM 6/10/99 -0500, Benjamin Pollack wrote:
>I'm sorry if I let anyone on this list down. While I can't help right
>now on a Mac port, I'm still interested in helping in general. Perhaps
>when I get Linux installed on a new Wintel machine which I just ordered,
>I can work on removing the need for Bugzilla, which is a small enough
>task I should be able to get more done. As I get used to doing larger
>and larger projects, I'll come back and work on the port.

Great. Once you've got Linux installed, we'll be looking forward to
whatever level of coding help you're ready to tackle. As you've realized
from looking at the code, there's still plenty of work to go around. :-)


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