A unsupported feature/small wv flaw

Caolan McNamara (Caolan.McNamara@ul.ie)
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 12:31:23 +0100 (IST)

Just for the record, there is a current flaw with wv that might
cause incorrect para and char properties to be emitted which i will
attempt to fix soon.

The story is that word stores its styles in such a way that a style
can inherits from another, which can inherit from another and so on.

Currently what i have done is to allow this, but only if the style
to be inherited from is already handled. So i go from top to bottom
setting up the styles, but if a style has a *forward* reference to
a style that it wants to be based on that i havnt actually handled
yet then I currently (for the same of simplicity and getting styles
up off the ground) just spit out an error and set it to the standard
null property. So if the char and prop properties are wrong, its
possible that it because the based upon style has been incorrectly
created by wv due to a forward ref to a style. There should be a
message about Istd's out of sequence, as i reckoned originally that
it was an error, but on some consideration there is no reason that
a style can't be based upon a style with a higher index number.

Its a resonably uncommon event to occur, seeing as its only likely
to happen (i reckon) if someone has defined their own styles or edited
then extensively.

In short if theres incorrect properties, and an istd out of sequence error,
then thats a special case that isn't implemented yet.


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