Re: DTD for ABW file format

Jeff Hostetler (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 12:31:47 -0500

At 06:37 PM 7/20/99 +0200, Paolo Molaro wrote:
>On Sun, Jul 18, 1999 at 03:23:47PM -0700, Rick Jesse wrote:
>> Cool, thanks. It seems that making a paragraph a list item would be an
>> attibute on paragraph.
>I don't think a list item should be a paragraph: what if I want
>two or more paragraphs per item?.

this is doable. don't think of a list item as a structural container.
it just describes the visual properties and the linkage to other
members of the list.

<p PROPS="type=LI" id="xx0" next="xx1" ...>This is the first bulleted item</p>
<p>this is a second paragraph</p>
<p PROPS="type=LI" id="xx1" prev="xx0" ...>This is the second bulleted

there's some handwaving here for what style (especially indentation)
you want for the middle paragraph, but that's another topic.


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