Re: DTD for ABW file format

Jeff Hostetler (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 08:19:52 -0500

Rick Jesse wrote:
> Cool, thanks. It seems that making a paragraph a list item would be an
> attibute on paragraph. Is this close to what you all came up with before?

yea, we just add a bunch of css-like properties to the block/paragraph tag
and then lists become a special type of paragraph -- that only the formatter
needs to know about. the file format doesn't need to (structually) change.

> What document structure are you basing the *.abw doc structure on -- are you
> modeling it after any existing doc structure?

uh, we're sorta making it up as we go.... it's really a pretty straight-forward
application of XML with some internal links (to images and alternate flows).
as long as we can support/represent the full/useful feature set of other word
processors and we're careful, we should be ok. and to be honest, i haven't
seen any wp file formats that i'd *want* to clone.... :-)

> I was suprised to read in your faq that CSS2 was limiting, specifically
> regarding pagination. I haven't gone back and looked, but I seem to remember
> that CSS provided for a "device" other than screen where special
> considerations like pagination could be handled.

i think eric wrote that note, so i'll defer to him for an offical answer, but
here's my $0.02 worth. the goals of an "html/xml w/ css" authoring system
with independent display systems and a "wysiwyg word processor" are somewhat
orthogonal. and our goal is to write the latter, we just happen to use an xml
syntax. it was clear that css was intended for non-paged, continuous flow
documents and that any notion of pagination was somewhat of an afterthought
-- or preview of the next version.


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