Re: Problems building AbiWord on Solaris Intel

Pete Young (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 16:53:20 +0100 (BST)


> i thought i had fixed all of the ABI_ROOT problems in the makefiles,
> so i'm curious what you needed to change in the expat makefile ??
> you should be able to just cd to abi-0.7.1 and type make and it
> will take care of building expat with the proper ABI_ROOT set.

The Makefile supplied with the expat distribution contains the line

ABI_ROOT:=$(shell pwd)/../abi

I managed to get expat to build by reverting to the Makefile.orig
(and got round the same problem in libpng by using a copy of
scripts/makefile.s2 ) Perhaps the ABI_ROOT isn't getting propogated
down the makefile tree?

The compilation then broke on cdump.c with

Usage: as [options] file
make[4]: *** [/opt/abi-0.7.1/src/SunOS_5.6_i86pc_OBJ/obj/cdump.o] Error 1

(Presumably missing the tweaks you've put in)

Running Make and explicitly setting ABI_ROOT=/opt/abi-0.7.1 works OK
for a while and then breaks with the following error:

make[5]: *** No rule to make target
`/opt/abi-0.7.1/src/SunOS_5.6_i86pc_OBJ/obj/xmlparse.o', needed by
`/opt/abi-0.7.1/src/SunOS_5.6_i86pc_OBJ/obj/libAbi_expat.a'. Stop.

(and this happens whether I run it from /opt/expat or /opt/abi_0.7.1)

I've timed out on this now: I'm out of the office until July 19th. I'll
pick it up again then.

Thanks for your help.



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