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Subject: Re: Lists
From: Jeff Hostetler (
Date: Mon Dec 27 1999 - 14:45:39 CST

we put together some notes on Lists this past summer (but haven't
done anything about them yet). you might look in
abi/docs/AbiWord_list_notes.txt and this mailing list article which
talks about what M$Word does


On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Luke Jordan wrote:
> I've been doing some work on lists, and have made some decent headway. However,
> I've come up against two large-ish problems.
> 1. The actual insertion of the list item label into the document. Is there a
> way I can insert text so it a) isn't written to the document on save and b) is
> flagged as non-user-editable? I can see that the document text is stored in
> the piece table's pt_VarSet, but why does that have two buffers?
> 2. Nested lists. Beyond the UI issues, there are some large structural
> difficulties - e.g., if we have this list (alpha characters mine):
> a) 1.1
> b) 1.2.1
> c)
> d)
> e) 2.
> What is the previous item of e), is it a), d) or a virtual list item - "1." and
> beyond that, what is the value of d), is it "", just "1." or "1.1"?
> How do we track its position in each successive level, so finding the
> "" to prefix before the "1." - an obvious solution would be a linked
> list of values, but this seems overkill.
> With a solution to prob. 1, I should have flat lists Just Working very quickly,
> but as you can see, 2 will take probably take some time.
> Thanks,
> Luke Jordan

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