Re: MSWord import crash (#707)

Subject: Re: MSWord import crash (#707)
From: Justin Bradford (
Date: Tue Dec 21 1999 - 22:43:13 CST

> If you define a style in MSWord, one options is to change the font family
> only, and not define an exact point size. (You can change other items too,
> such as color, but that's irrelevent to this bug report). Now, when
> AbiWord tries to open it, wv calls ut_units to try and figure out what the
> units of the font size are. Of course, there aren't any, so the ASSERT at
> line 212 goes off since no units could be found.

I've fixed (and committed) the crash caused by the sample test.doc you
sent me.

However, the problem was not what you describe above, so I'm not sure if
there are additional problems. The problem with this document was simply
that it was using tabstops other than left. I had an idiotic mistake in my
code which generated a bogus tabstop property. That bad property was
causing the asserts in the unit conversion.

I'm getting font and point size fine for all of the text in the sample
doc. However, there is a strange font, Mirabarme (or something like that),
in there. AbiWord seems to just use a default font in it's place, though.

See if you still get problems with the original problem document.


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