Re: AbiWord 0.7.7

Subject: Re: AbiWord 0.7.7
From: Ted Lemon (
Date: Mon Dec 20 1999 - 15:23:22 CST

I think it makes perfect sense for your developers to choose not to
use Gtk+ or Gnome if they don't want to! That's what freedom is all
about, right? But if you're distributing Linux, you should
distribute a Linux that will be good for everybody, not just your
particular developers. That means including Gnome, Gtk+, Qt, KDE,
Motif if you are willing to pay for it, Lesstif if not, and so on.
There's never a reason to refuse to ship a useful tool just because
you personally don't use it! :')

> I was only wanting to make sure that everybody using Linux could use
> this.

This is a very good goal!

> Hell I will forget Qt, and get this to compile
> correctly (without messing with the code too much).

This is probably a good decision - AFAIK, Gnome and KDE can
interoperate anyway, or will be able to in the future, so going out of
your way to support two interfaces when one will do seems like a
mistake, unless you're really gung-ho about having the other


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