Project files. Where to put them?

Subject: Project files. Where to put them?
From: Scott Kovner (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 12:39:29 CST

For the Mac development, I am not aware of a gmake tool that is available to
build the tree. Instead I am using a CodeWarrior project file to build the
entire application. I would like to check that file into the project. In my
current tree, the project file lives in a project directory in abi/project.
It would seem that it would be more appropriate for the project files to
live in abi/src/wp/project/mac. In CW, files are located relative to the
project file, so once I check this in, I will have to run a script on the
project to change the paths if we move it later.

Are project files appropriate for AbiWord development, and where should they



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