Re: AbiWord 0.7.7

Subject: Re: AbiWord 0.7.7
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 21:08:49 CST

At 12:16 AM 12/11/99 -0500, David Schmitz wrote:
>Beautiful! Things seem to be working here in Redhat 6.0 Land. (With a
>GNOME version of 1.0.50)

Thanks. That's what we wanted to hear.

>Being a marginal GTK programmer at best, and having a passing
>familiarity with GNOME, I can only await GNOME-style MDI along with
>dragon drop (or is that drag and drop?). (And before people start
>bellyaching about MDI, looking at the GNOME api docs it allows for three
>different styles of MDI, so *everyone* is happy.)

As always, we can't tell you much about how long you'll have to "wait" for
GBOME-specific features like this. So far, the GNOME version has only had
one person working on it.

As for MDI, having been through several minor flamewars about that topic on
this list, I'm not gonna be the one to start it up again. :-)

All I'll say is that we've currently got working code for a browser-like
MSDI interface which has been pretty thoroughly debugged, and which has
generated relatively few user complaints. If someone's interested in coding
up an MDI variant for platforms which support that style of interface (such
as Win32 *and* GNOME), that's fine. There are a lot of current users of
desktop apps who've been trained to like that style of interface.

However, I personally am unlikely to apply such a patch unless it does a
fairly clean job of refactoring the code out in XAP land. Right now, any
app can use the existing App/Frame UI pretty easily on all our supported
platforms. Forcing a complete switch to MDI would be a bad idea.

>A thought on this, though: one little feature I like about the Gimp is
>that if you're saving a file, you can just tack on a .gz to teh end of
>the name regardless of the file type and it'll sent it through gzip.
>IMHO, I thing that .abw.gz would be much easier to figure out what it is
>than .zabw. And opening a file with the suffix .gz would send it through
>gunzip. Just my $0.02 on that subject.

Thanks for your opinion. There's been some prior debate on the list about
this topic. Remember that good patches get implemented a lot faster than
opinions. :-)


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