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Subject: Re: Question
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 20:42:07 CST

At 04:34 PM 12/11/99 -0500, Justin G. Zaun wrote:
>Hello all,
> I'm redoing the HTML exporter to spport a little more and to conform to
>the new HTML+CCS standards. So far what I got working is follows:
>1) font sizes, all of them work with the point size.
>2) colors are exactly the same as far as I can tell

Cool. Be sure that the HTML you output is still Lynx-friendly, though, or
you're going to get a *lot* of mail about it. ;-)

>3) columns <- nead a little help here
>I've got columns working solong as there is a UCS_VTAB. Is there a way to
>tell when there is a non-forced column break?

Not directly. By design, the exporter APIs just expose the document
structure. Any information about how the columns and pages actually got
formatted resides in the View. I haven't looked at those APIs in detail
recently, but I suspect it'll take quite a bit more work to get at that

>Also, can an exporter find
>out how wide a page is in pixels?

We do still need to store explicit paper sizes in the document format (right
now, they're all hardwired at 8.5x11" portrait in the source instead), but I
suspect that's not what you're looking for.

Again, this sounds more like a View-level issue (where issues of zoom
factors and screen resolutions come into play).


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