wv: removed some files from the build

Subject: wv: removed some files from the build
From: Caolan McNamara (Caolan.McNamara@ul.ie)
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 10:34:47 CST

Some small wv changes, shouldnt matter to anyone. In other
news im massaging the routines around to allow headers and footers
etc etc to be handled independantly of the main document. When this
shapes up we should be able to handle word footnotes, headers and
footers etc.

On the graphics front Im bring libwmf back into gear again, and I
will be adding this to my own build, but again this shouldn't matter
to abi. Interestingly word is including many graphics and other entities
twice, pretty much like this

insert graphic char 0x08
para break
begin field
insert graphic char 0x01
end field

where the graphic is the same in both cases, I wonder if this is
reliable, i.e. is a 0x08 followed by a 0x0d followed by an embed
field will always be the same thing twice. The first graphic
appears to be the "preview" while the second is the real thing
itself, for wmf graphics its the same thing, while for equations
the first is the wmf representation with the second being the
ole object itself.


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