Re: Postscript problems with IRIX

Subject: Re: Postscript problems with IRIX
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 14:19:44 CST

Bob Monaghan wrote:
> char ch = 0;
> and change it to read:
> signed char ch = 0;

Thanks for the patch! Unfortunately I don't have convenient access to
any IRIX platforms, so I can't test the program under IRIX's compiler
or its headers (if using GCC). The change is now committed to the tree.

> This eliminates a warning during the compile, and now allows the IRIX
> version to print!
> You can shoot down bug: "692 - Postscript Printing failure on IRIX" in
> bugzilla.

I've marked this QA To Verify, although I've done my own testing
on other Unix platforms. Printing works with a signed character
type on Linux and Solaris.

> BTW, during the compile of the application, this very same warning crops
> up in a couple of files..
> I'll take a look and see if the fix is the same..

Great. If you find anything else that's giving you problems, be sure
to let the list know. I know I haven't been the most responsive in
the past, but now that I know a lot more about what may be happening
with IRIX, some things might be more apparent.

Shaw Terwilliger

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