Subject: Lists
From: Luke Jordan (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 12:47:16 CST

I've been doing some work on lists, and have made some decent headway. However,
I've come up against two large-ish problems.
1. The actual insertion of the list item label into the document. Is there a
way I can insert text so it a) isn't written to the document on save and b) is
flagged as non-user-editable? I can see that the document text is stored in
the piece table's pt_VarSet, but why does that have two buffers?
2. Nested lists. Beyond the UI issues, there are some large structural
difficulties - e.g., if we have this list (alpha characters mine):
a) 1.1
b) 1.2.1
e) 2.
What is the previous item of e), is it a), d) or a virtual list item - "1." and
beyond that, what is the value of d), is it "", just "1." or "1.1"?
How do we track its position in each successive level, so finding the
"" to prefix before the "1." - an obvious solution would be a linked
list of values, but this seems overkill.

With a solution to prob. 1, I should have flat lists Just Working very quickly,
but as you can see, 2 will take probably take some time.
Luke Jordan

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