Re: Linux build currently not building

Subject: Re: Linux build currently not building
From: Caolan McNamara (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 04:49:23 CST

On 15-Dec-99 Justin Bradford wrote:
>> Does anyone know what this is? And yes, I did a make realclean.
>I get it, too, but have commented out the offending code.
>> /home/abisource/wv/iconv/iconv.c:61: undefined reference to
>> `wvConvertUnicodeToUCS_2'
>Caolan: There doesn't seem to be a corresponding UCS_2 conversion
>function. I emailed you earlier about this, but did you forget to commit a
>file or something?

rats Im such a weak link in the build process thats its not funny, my apologies,
I forget that my changes impact on your build. Anyway that was part of a quick
test to output unicode capable latex, its removed again from the makefiles. as
is also codepage-1252.c from the wv dir, the other codepage-1252 remains in the
iconv dir.

while I am at it, I have been fiddling libwmf to support writing to png files
instead of gif, and it should be ready soon. I also note that the equation edit
embedded equations appear to usually contain a wmf preview of the equation in
question, so abi will get "display" of noneditable equations in the worst case
scenario for these equations.

Also what is the story with headers and footers ? I will be able to extract
these without too much work, but how to present them to abi ? There are
different headers and footers for the first page, odd pages even pages,
first page of a section etc etc. What would the desired api look like for
you ?

There are a few other bits and bops which i don't know where they fit in,
of very low priority, i.e.
textboxes, floating box regions outside the usual flow of text (i was
thinking of using layers in html to get the idea across (cringe)), and
background colors and graphics for the document.



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