Re: tabs question - mixing units

Subject: Re: tabs question - mixing units
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 15:15:34 CST

At 06:19 PM 12/10/99 -0600, Stephen Hack wrote:
>As currently implemented, when changing the units for the ruler via the
>options dialog, the toolbars change. Any tabs that currently exist, are kept
>the same. Thats to be expected. But when adding new tabs, it can produce a
>tabs listing in different units.
>Take a look at this xml saved file...
><abiword version="unnumbered">
><p props="tabstops:10pi/L,0.4375in/L,1.1875in/L"> hello world</p>
>It works as to be expected, but I'm having a problem w/ the tabs dialog
>displaying different units for each tab. (It's that way in the Block

I understand what's happening, but I don't know what your question is.
However, I suspect the answer has two parts:

1. Yes, we should support mixed units cleanly. Forcing a conversion just
because the default ruler units changed could trigger reformats due to
round-off problems, which is Not Good.

2. Yes, the tabs dialog should add new ones in the default unit system.
This may make the GUI design work a bit tougher, especially when dealing
with the spin button. However, it's not *that* bad. Look at how the
paragraph dialog handled it. No conversions are needed. When triggered,
spinners simply adjust to the next increment in the desired unit system.

Does that help?


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