Re: BeOS support?

Subject: Re: BeOS support?
From: Daniel Berlin (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 09:42:02 CST

> We can knock this one down and off of Bugzilla. I couldn't
> sleep last night, so this morning I went and re-did the code
> for the scrollbars and they now work more or less peachy
> keen. The only thing that bothers me is the way that if
> I have a window too small for the document and I am at
> the end of a line moving (automatically moving to the next
> line), AbiWord will tell me to scroll up to a point where
> only the last few characters are visible. I haven't had
> a chance to try this on other platforms but it bugs me enough
> that I'm going to go and fix it if someone doesn't point
> out that it is a feature.

Cool! You are the man.

> > Please, for the love of god, do a dialog if possible. The reference images
> > are in CVS. If someone designs them, i'll hook them up (if they don't want
> > to).
> You may eat your words here =;-)

It wouldn't be the first time.
> I have created the resource for the current options dialog
> (as it is checked into CVS for Unix). It is called
> options.rsrc for reference and the window is called
> (surprise, surprise) "OptionsWindow". Other than
> the resource being there, I haven't done anything
> to hook it up ... so feel free to fly at 'er.

Will do. I've been working on the paragraph dialog box (I have the design
completely done in IElements, and am about 40% done coding it), i'll
attack the options once it's done.

> I also noticed your work with the
font dialog this > morning Dan ... very nice! Not fully implemented,
> but it looks pretty slick.

Yeah, the problem is that i'm not doing the preview using Abiword calls,
and thus, can't get strikethrough and whatnot to work.
I just have to change it to update the preview using Abiword calls, rather
than straight BeOS (I.E. I'm using SetViewColor, SEtFOnt,etc).
It's only one or two routines to change.

I also have to copy the settings back so Abiword knows what happened.

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