Re: tinderbox is up and running

Subject: Re: tinderbox is up and running
From: Stephen Hack (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 16:53:43 CST

On Tue, Dec 07, 1999 at 12:24:20PM -0800, Paul Rohr wrote:
> At 03:58 PM 12/6/99 -0600, Stephen Hack wrote:
> >If you guys down at Abiword would like to host the server yourselves, I could
> >ftp the code. It needs to be running in a peer directory to bonsai to
> >implement most of the functionality. (guilty list, error and warning lists,
> >and probably many others)
> Very cool!
> Since you've already done the work to get a tinderbox host up and running,
> that code should be fairly easy to transfer to our machines. However,
> before we do so, I've got a few questions:
> 1. How resource-intensive is it to run the tinderbox host? We try to be
> careful about not doing anything which would bog down our web / mail / CVS
> etc. server. However, if it's pretty efficient, that's a very tempting
> idea.

Tinderbox itself, is very minimal. It only processes occasional email. The
build machines do all the dirty and CPU intensive stuff. Simply put, each
build host runs a script, emailing tinderbox at the start and end of each
build. Then tinderbox stores all the logs locally, and updates the webpage.

> 2. More importantly, does anyone have any experience getting tinderbox
> *clients* to run on any of our other supported platforms -- especially NT
> and BeOS? We're starting to have a decent collection of machines in our
> build farm, and if it's easy to get them all running Tinderbox clients, then
> bringing up the host here would be a great way to help keep the product
> building cleanly on all those platforms.

The unix build setup was not very hard. It took about an hour of changing
around the build params for mozilla. It should not be to hard to take both
the win32 example and my unix version, and get a windows one working pretty
easily. (I have not looked at the windows version, though).

The build scripts handle the following steps
    1) cvs update
    2) autoconf (not used)
    3) configure (not used)
    4) make realclean or make dep (depending on type)
    5) build
    6) check to see if executable is created
    7) email results.

> 3. How do the host and clients communicate? Are there any security or
> bandwidth considerations we'd need to worry about there?

There are no security options in place. As far as bandwidth goes, after each
build the complete log files is emailed back (about 70-80k).

You can tell the scripts to build every, say 20 minutes, and it'll wait until
the 20 minutes (or how every long you set) is up before starting the next
build. So, every 20 minutes, 80k is sent.


P.S., I've been considering changing the build scripts a little to
conditionally build if something is updated (via cvs)

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