Re: finishing up your 0.7.7 stuff (was: styles)

Subject: Re: finishing up your 0.7.7 stuff (was: styles)
From: Stephen Hack (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 15:43:45 CST

On Tue, Dec 07, 1999 at 11:36:29AM -0800, Paul Rohr wrote:
> At 12:39 PM 12/7/99 -0600, Stephen Hack wrote:
> >Is anybody working on styles? I'm considering creating the styles dialog and
> >tieing in the pull down menubar.
> Not to my knowledge. However, before you dive into this, I'd like to make
> sure you're done with all the other great work you've been doing recently.
> In particular,
> 1. Could you summarize for the list where you are on the Options dialog?
> Are all the tabs completely populated to your satisfaction, and do all the
> controls on each tab Just Work the way you want? I suspect people have been
> holding off on testing or porting this dialog because it's felt like a
> moving target.

No problem. I'll go through each item on the dialog and mention the state,
what it does, and if any, known problems.

    Check spelling as you type
        - turns on/off the check as you type for all documents

    Hide spelling errors in the document
        - not implemented. consult

    Suggest from main dictionary only
        - not implemented, actually, currently it will only suggest from main
          dictionary. Would need to add multiple dictionary/custom dictionary

    Ignore words in UPPERCASE
        - currently works find

    Ignore works with numbers
        - currently works - here is what it does
        if checked
            - any word that has a digit in it is ignored
        if uncheck
            - any word that does not start w/ a number is checked

    Ignore Internet and file addresses
        - not implemented.
        - easiest way would be to have a lex parser (or a much simplier hand
          coded one that could take one char at a time and then say ignore, no
          ignore, not yet

    Custom Dictionary
        - nothing here is implemented. I started working on multiple
          dictionary support, but lost the changes between match world to my
          cvs account. The changes were quite vast, and at that time, felt
          that the changes were uncalled for and the whole spelling
          dictionary needed some rework. (xap or wp)

    Ignored words
        - reset works
            if one document, prompts to reset that
            if reset one doc, will prompt if you want to reset all documents
                (if multiple docs)

          Currently resets, but does not requery, resquiggly the un-ignored words
          bug #671
            (please remove 672, duplicate :<

        - edit is not implemented

    Automatically save preferences
        - currently works. if you de-select it, it will save that change,
          then not save all the reset.

    Currently selected preference
        - not implemented (yet

    Show Hide
            - works - sets defaults for all newly opened windows, does not
              change currently opened
            ???? shouldn't this change the current windows atleasst ????

            - not implemented

        - currently works np
        - nothing implemented, copied from windows. implement it someday

> Zeroing in on this would really help, because it's the biggest question mark
> remaining before we ship 0.7.7, hopefully later this week.
> 2. Likewise, I presume that View/Rulers is now done to your satisfaction,
> and you don't mind my EditMethods hack to make that state more persistent.
> However, without a SHAZAM from you I'm not sure.

From the unix side of things, SHAZAM, but I don't know about how windows is
coming along.

> Also, it might be nice if you could do a quick writeup of what this feature
> took to implement, so that whoever implements View/Toolbars (and View/Status
> Bar) can follow in your footsteps.

I had changed the 3x3 table into two 2x2. This resized automatically when I
attached and destroyed the rulers.

The best description is from the wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixFrame.cpp

    // NOTE: in order to display w/ and w/o rulers, gtk needs two tables to
    // work with. The 2 2x2 tables, (i)nner and (o)uter divide up the 3x3
    // table as follows. The inner table is at the 1,1 table.
    // +-----+---+
    // | i i | o |
    // | i i | |
    // +-----+---+
    // | o | o |
    // +-----+---+

That was the changes to creating the frame. Then I had a virtual function
toggleRuler derived from xap_Frame that allowed the xp code to call os
specific frame code. Most of the togging code is in
AP_UnixFrame::toggleRuler. Simply put, I deleted the widgets and rulers when
hiding the rulers, and recreated them when showing. Care must be taken to
removeListeners to all the different registerable listeners (view, scroll,

> 3. Ditto for Tabs. For example, are you satisfied with the formatter
> interactions between paragraph alignment and various kinds of tabs (which
> can get quite messy)? Also, were you interested in tackling tab leaders
> (which will come into play as soon as someone tackles the Tabs dialog for
> 0.7.8), or should we save that task for someone else?

Tab leaders should not be two hard. Simply put, the only difference is
instead of drawing spaces, draw the '.' or '_' or whatever the leaders are.
Where would that be done? Either I can do it, or somebody else could.

> bottom line
> -----------
> Please don't get me wrong. I'm *thrilled* with all the great work you've
> been doing lately. You've been having a very visible impact on the product,
> and you should take a lot of pride in what you've accomplished.
> My goal is just to make sure that you've reached a clean, well-defined
> stopping point on each of these features that you've been working on, before
> you move on to something else.
> That way, if there's any work remaining to finish or polish those features,
> we all know whether to:
> a) bug you about it, or
> b) go take care of it ourselves. :-)
> OK?


I might as well mention it right now... I'm going to be away from my machine
for the holidays from 12/20 to 1/14ish. I'm should still be able to check my
email, but programming will be out of the question. :<

To summarize...
    I (or somebody) needs to tackle to updateSquiggle (#671) and everything
else is stable and "Just Works" how I like.


> PS: I'll send another note in a few minutes to fill you in more about
> what's going on with styles.

Styles, I found out in word, is if you can figure out how to use them, then
they're the most powerful formatting tool available.

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