Re: Hideable rulers

Subject: Re: Hideable rulers
From: Logan Hall (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 19:21:15 CST

Robert Sievers wrote:

> At 11:50 PM 12/4/99 -0600, wrote:
> >Robert Sievers wrote:
> >> I have finally had a chance to take a look at this tonight, and as always,
> >> my build is off in outer space somewhere. When I go to the preferences,
> >> and check the hide rulers box, the debug message reports I changed the
> >> interactive spell check box. It's as if AbiWord didn't recognized I
> >> changed tabs in the preferences dialog. Is anybody else seeing this with
> >> the latest CVS sources?
> >
> >You are trying "make realclean ; make" every time something this
> >weird happens, right?
> Always.
> I was thinking maybe this could be related to the fact that my windows menu
> doesn't allow me to change documents when I have more than one AbiWord
> window open. It does seem like the kind of bug that would be unique to my
> window manager configuration.

What window manager are you useing? WindowMaker works fine with abi and i can
switch windows fine.

> Robert Sievers
> Open Source Evangelist


---- Logan Hall

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