Re: POW -- make translated dialogs fit

Subject: Re: POW -- make translated dialogs fit
From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 14:13:53 CST

> the goal
> --------
> Make translated dialogs "fit" on all platforms without getting "too big".
> Avoid solutions which require each new translator to widen arbitrary fields
> to make their stuff fit, too. (With more dialogs and more translations
> being added all the time, we need a practical solution which scales.)

This is would be nice. Dialog box resizing is a very common practice in
localisation, there are localisation engineers that expend hour doing this,
an automated system would be very coll. I do not know if it's going to
be possible to have a balance between looking good in the screen.

Another possible solution: we can have four values indicating the offset
where you want to move the control, if you do not specify anything it
takes the English as default. Those numbers should be relative, for example,
is the control 1 is at 20x20 and its size is 13x50 if you indicate
0,0,0,5 you will get 20,20,13,55. I mean, the offsets are always relative
to the English screen position, then you do not have to make so much
effort resizing it. You also should be allowed to use negative numbers and
the system should look the same in all the platforms.

This is just an idea. I hope that it helps.


Jordi Mas, email

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